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MIA for a while…

January 14, 2009

As you have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a very long time!

I am currently 8 months pregnant, and have decided that I am not going to take on any new business at this time.  I will post when I am ready to get back in action!  And of course, baby pics will accompany!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me, and I am so sorry I cannot take any requests at this time.


Shakin’ Blakers is 1!

July 28, 2008

Can you believe my Godson is already 1?  Well, ok, he has been 1 for 2 months now, but still!  He is starting to look like a little man, even more so since the haircut he got after these were taken!

Gettin’ a little formal

July 8, 2008

The “law dogs” in the family asked me to take their pictures for a bar association publication.  I hate formals, but how can I say no to my sister and brother in law?  We had a few different background options, but decided that the wood was more “stately”.  When they become Northern Kentucky’s most sought after law firm, I think I deserve a little cut 🙂

If anyone knows any tricks to how I can post my pictures without them getting cut off (or a new layout) I would be much appreciative!  I have to shrink my pictures to make them fit on this page and it makes them look distorted!

So much fun!

May 8, 2008

This little guy is one of my favorite boys to photograph, he is so laid back and is just a HAPPY kid. Every time I see him he has a new face, and this time was no exception!  I am so honored that they chose me to take his 1 year pictures!  I can’t wait to take more!

Look at those eyes ~how can they ever say no to him?

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They are one beautiful family 🙂

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My favorite 🙂

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Sooooooo cute!

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They grow up way too fast….

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Wide Awake :)

May 2, 2008

I was sooooooo excited when my old friend Amanda contacted me to take her newborn son’s 1st pictures!  I fully expected for him to be asleep for most of the shoot, but little man had different plans!  Amanda was so worried that he wouldn’t get any good pictures because he was a little fussy, but I hope these will happily surprise her 🙂  Here is a peek of a few…

Let’s start with my favorite 🙂

My Favorite

Close second!

I absolutely ADORE this one – I almost cried when I saw I had captured this moment!

OK, one last one…

This is the first time I have loved ALL pictures from a shoot in black & white.  If you know me, I LOVE COLOR 🙂  But these shots in B/W are so dramatic and seem to make an impact.  So Amanda, I hope you love B/W, and if not, I have them all in color for you also 🙂

Ok Moms!  I need a GIRL to shoot!  Enough of all the boys!  I need some pink and purple in my portfolio 🙂

Just 2 more…

April 17, 2008

I love this one!


Sneak Peak

March 21, 2008

I had the pleasure of photographing a special 2 year old today!  We had a blast!